Flames of War


The rules of WAR have changed! HAMMER your foe with new GF9 Movement Trays!

As conflict spreads and the rules of engagement re-written, commanders field new formations of soldiers to win the day. Gale Force Nine introduces two new varieties of movement trays to field these new unit configurations.

Soldiers gather in large numbers to overwhelm the opposition with sheer manpower. GF9 has placed movement trays to accommodate these large units in a new section called HORDE FORMATIONS. These larger trays fit ranks of soldiers that are ten models wide. There are trays for models on both 20mm and 25mm bases as well as trays for models on larger 40mm and 50mm bases. Moving these imposing hordes of troops across the battlefield has never been easier.

Horde Tray

Hobbyist Aaron Dill has finished and painted these new tray types to match his armies.
Some armies field forces in a dispersed formation. Gale Force Nine’s SKIRMISH FORMATIONS allow you to move these loosely ranked units across the battlefield with ease. The trays are designed to maintain a ½ gap between each model. If the unit engages in melee, it’s easy enough to remove them from the tray and place them in a standard rank and file formation for combat. Survivors can then be placed back in the tray and moved on their way.
Skirmish Tray

Common unit sizes of these trays will be available in finer game and hobby shops. More unique regiment sizes will be available via the GF9 online store.

The toy soldiers displayed in the above photos are not © Gale Force Nine and are shown to illustrate possible use of Gale Force Nine product.


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