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New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS DM's Tokens Expansion Packs

Gale Force Nine is excited to announce our first two expansion packs for our Dungeon Master’s Token Set for use with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Created in cooperation with Wizards of the Coast, these sets contain more of the fantastic tokens and markers that a DM needs to manage combats and track the status of a dungeon’s denizens as they battle intrepid adventurers.
Dungeon Master's Token Set (72700)
Each set contains a new token, the Burst Origin. Place this handy marker in the square where a burst area attack or spell originates. Using a wet erase marker, you can note how many surrounding squares that are affected by burst. It’s also a great way to insure you have line of sight to the origin square of your area attack on the battle grid.
DM Tokens Expansion 2: Scales (72717)
The Scales Expansion contains more of the combat conditions that affect heroes and the monsters they battle. There are 24 scale type tokens in the set as well as 5 more Bloodied tokens, handy for battles with many combatants. The unique shape of the scale tokens allows you to use them multiple ways in combat. The curved top allows them to rest against the base of miniatures, or they may be placed on corresponding character sheets and monster cards or on the base of some larger monsters themselves. Along with Burst Origin token the Scales Expansion set contains 30 tokens!
DM Tokens Expansion 2: Scrolls (72718)
The Scrolls Expansion set contains more of the clever blank scroll tokens that allow you, with the use of a wet-erase marker, to track unique conditions and ongoing damage in your combats. There are 9 Ongoing Damage scrolls and 9 Status scrolls. Each scroll is shaped so that they can rest against the base of miniatures, or they may be placed on corresponding character sheets and monster cards. Their use is only limited by your imagination. The set also contains 2 different colored sets of Marked tokens for those combatants that have focused on their targets. Rounding out the set are 5 more Bloodied tokens and the new Burst Origin token for a total of 30 tokens!
These token sets will be on store shelves in early December, just in time for holiday gaming marathon sessions! Look for them in finer game and hobby shops worldwide! 
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