Flames of War


GF9's Fantasy General's and Fantasy Wizard's Tokens Sets Now On Sale

Great Battlefield Generals know the condition of their forces at a glance, now you can too with GF9’s Fantasy General’s Token Set! These full color, plastic tokens track the conditions, health and actions of the troops under your command on the tabletop. But while Generals command the rank and file, powerful Wizards bend the winds of magic to their will to shape the outcome of battle. GF9’s Fantasy Wizard’s Token Set contains full-color plastic tokens for tracking spells in play, noting the results of sorcerous actions and marking off wounds caused (or taken).
Fantasy General's and Fantasy Wizard's Tokens
Both of these highly anticipates token sets are on store shelves now, you can also pick them up from the GF9 Online Store along with our other Gaming Aids.

Also, check out our Fantasy Turn Counter, now with a full-color design to match the Fantasy General’s Token Set!

Last Updated On Friday, November 18, 2011 by Blake at Battlefront