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MERCS Game Accessories Take to the Field!

Gale Force Nine’s game accessories for MERCS are on their way to stores now!
MERCS is a fast moving game that places a strong emphasis on good tactics. In MERCS players command up to five elite security and reconnaissance force members. Unlike large-scale wargames, MERCS battles are close quarter conflicts occurring in dense urban areas and other confined spaces. The versatile MERCS reference card for each miniature also serves as the basis for its unique movement system.
MERCS Game Accessories

Gale Force Nine is initially releasing two full-color game mats and two sets of full-color gaming tokens. All of these products were developed in cooperation with the MERCS designers. One token set provides you with markers and tokens for the Actions squad members take during a phase. The other set contains Effects tokens to help track the status of squad members as combat ensues.

Look for GF9’s MERCS accessories on store shelves in September. You may also purchase them direct from the GF9 Online Store!

For more information check out the MERCS Website...

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