Flames of War


Chart a course to adventure!

The Forgotten Realms is one of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS’ most beloved and storied campaign settings. From the snow-swept North, home to the city-state of Neverwinter, to the great nations of the west, such as Amn and Calimshan, adventure abounds in the lands of Faerûn. The devastating Spellplague has altered the face of this world, so depend on GF9’s Forgotten Realms Campaign Map to chart your adventurer’s course.
Forgotten Realms
The popular Eberron campaign setting infuses the traditional aspects of Dungeons & Dragons with magic-fueled technology to create a rich world of pulp adventure. The grand continent of Khorvaire is home to many of the disparate nations and races that populate the war-weary world of Eberron. Navigate this fantastic landscape with GF9’s new Eberron – Continent of Khorvaire Campaign Map

Both maps measure 30” x 42” and are printed on durable vinyl, allowing you to mark the surface with wet-erase markers to tailor the maps to your individual campaigns, record the paths that your heroes travel or make notes about encounters and locations. They will also look great on the wall of you game room! Both Campaign Maps are based on artwork provided by Wizards of the Coast.

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