Flames of War


Decent into the Depths of the Earth

The Underdark beckons!  Check out GF9’s Dungeons & Dragons Underdark display table at our booth at Gen Con 2012.  The first picture shows just how massive this table is!
The Underdark Table at the GF9 Booth at Gen Con 2012
The Underdark table of the Gen Con GF9 booth
A Close-up Shot of the Main Cavern System
The Underdark table of the Gen Con GF9 booth
This table took over a month to produce and is the result of countless hours of hard work from Gale Force Nine’s master model makers, Jason Buyaki and Lizzie Willick.  The amount of detail is staggering.  The table is packed with secrets and details.  An inky black-purple river flows through the lower chambers.  Eerie violet crystals illuminate the dark corners of these twisting tunnels.  Obelisks mark a path through the caves to a mysterious spider arch.
This table display was inspired by GF9’s Caverns of the Underdark 3D Adventure Set, available in stores now!  Many of the terrain pieces from the set are duplicated throughout the display table. 
Make sure you visit the Gale Force Nine booth at Gen Con, meet the talented artists who created this display.
Of course, there is another reason we created this display table and we’ll reveal those secrets as Gen Con 2012 continues!

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