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Preview of new Space themed Game Mats

Space may be the final frontier, and there may be galaxies far far away, but that does not mean that your models should be forced to play on an old tablecloth when instead you can have high quality printed vinyl Game Mat instead.
Space Station Game Mat (BM001)
These 36" by 36" mats are printed using the same technology as our D&D range and will stand up to years of gaming. The mat lies flat for ease of play and is sold in sturdy polycarbonate tube for easy storage and transport and may be marked with wet-erase markers.
Space Game Mat (BM002)
Space Game Mat

Our first two releases will be the Space Station Game Mat (shown top) and the Space Game Mat (shown above). 

These Game Mats are available in the online store for pre-order now and will ship early 2013 (don't worry, you will not be charged until the Mats are instock and ready for shipping!).

BM001 - Space Station Game Mat is no longer in production.

BM002 - Space Game Mat...

£30 • € 35 • US$39.99 • AU$50 • NZ$60

We will be looking to continue and expand the range over time with a variety of galactic locations, as well as varying sizes.

Left and below - prototype images of two of our next mats

Space Game Mat
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