Flames of War


New Crystals & Toxic Pools

Your battlefields are about to receive an epic upgrade!  GF9’s newest Battlefield in Box set contains six (6) different purple Energon Crystal clusters.  Each piece is a bed of violet quartz anchoring towering diamond-shaped structures in these all new crystal sculpts by Gale Force Nine’s Lizzie Willick.

Battlefield in a Box: Energon Crystals (Purple)


Energon Crystals (BB547…)

Create bizarre alien landscapes, mutate chaotic wastelands or illuminate mysterious caverns with these new crystal clusters.  Cast in purple-tinted resin, these crystal terrain pieces are ready for your tabletop battles right out of the box.  They can provide cover for advancing troops, break line of sight or be an objective of a pitched battle.  These terrain pieces work for any scale of miniature combat.

Battlefield in a Box: Energon Crystals


Prior to their general release a limited number of these sets were available at Gen Con 2012.  These crystal sculpts were featured in our amazing Underdark display table.

Battlefield in a Box: Energon Crystals contents


Most of the crystals are just over 3 inches high with a 1 ½ diameter base.  The largest structure has a 2 ½ long by 2 inch wide base and smallest cluster is only 2 inches high with a 1 ¼ diameter base.

A foul new hazard bubbles to the surface of your battlefield with GF9’s Toxic Pools Battlefield in a Box terrain set.  This set contains three (3) different sized bubbling and rippling pools.

Battlefield in a Box: Toxic Pools


Toxic Pools (BB546…)

These versatile pieces can represent a toxic waste dump on an industrial world, a bubbling mire that ensnares hapless victims or vile marsh with sinister denizens lurking just below its surface.  Each piece is cast from flexible resin for durability on the tabletop and painted to a battlefield standard so they can be played right out of the box.  The set also contains two (2) bags of static grass, Green Grass (GFS001) and Arid Grass (GFS004) to customize the pool edges and blend them to your games table or army theme.

Battlefield in a Box: Toxic Pools


Combined with Battlefield in a Box Swamps (BB529) set and the imposing Tree of Woe (BB520) your entire tabletop can be transformed into a hazardous marshland which can bog down advancing troops and conceal ancient evils.

Battlefield in a Box: Toxic Pools terrain content


The large pool is 8 ½ inches long and 7 inches wide, the medium pool is 5 ½ inches long and 5 inches wide while the small pool is 4 inches long and 3 inches wide.

These sets are appearing on store shelves now, or buy them direct from the Gale Force Nine Online Store!

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