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New Gaming Accessories

16 September 2016
New Accessories for Firefly and Spartacus

Four new board game accessories have been added to our store, to enhance your gaming experience. Our printed vinyl game mats are always a hit at conventions, and you can now purchase mats for Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery and Firefly: The Game. These mats will be printed on demand.

We also have two new sets of laser-cut acrylic tokens available now for pre-order. Each clear, durable token is backed with felt. They are a great way to upgrade your game components.

Check out the new accessories for Firefly and Spartacus...

Firefly: The Game – Cargo Hold Shiny Token Set
 Spartacus – Gold Coin Tokens Spartacus “Primus” Edition Game Mat Firefly: The Game - “Vera” Edition Game Mat

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