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New Gaming Accessories

16 September
New Accessories for Firefly and Spartacus

Four new board game accessories have been added to the online store. Our printed vinyl game mats are always a hit at conventions, and you can now purchase mats for Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery and Firefly: The Game. These mats are printed on demand.

We also have two new sets of laser-cut acrylic tokens available now for pre-order. Each clear, durable token is backed with felt. They are a great way to upgrade your game components.

New Token Sets – Pre-order
Firefly: The Game – Cargo Hold Shiny Token Set

Bring your Ship cards to life with laser-cut acrylic tokens. Each pack includes enough tokens to upgrade one player’s ship. The clear, durable tokens make every spot in your Cargo Hold Shiny.

Each Pack Includes:

  • 8 Cargo
  • 8 Passengers
  • 6 Contraband
  • 6 Fugitives
  • 8 Fuel
  • 4 Parts

Pre-order the Cargo Hold Shiny Token Set in the online store...

Firefly: The Game – Cargo Hold Shiny Token Set
Spartacus – Gold Coin Tokens Spartacus – Gold Coin Tokens

Heavy is the purse that is filled with coin, and in Capua, the house with the heaviest purse is often the most influential.

Upgrade your coin purse with a set of 100 laser-cut acrylic tokens can replace the cardboard denarii in your games. Each clear, durable token is backed with felt and is the perfect payment for treacherous favors and dirty dealings.

Pre-order the Gold Coin Token set in the online store...

“Convention Edition” Game Mats
For the last few years, we’ve been bringing oversized game mats to use at conventions. They have always been a big hit and people have asked where they can get one. If you’ve got a big game table at home or at your local game store, you can now order one of our Convention Edition game mats!
Spartacus “Primus” Edition Game Mat

The arena calls to you. When one hears the roar of the crowd when blood is spilled on sand, forever will it hold sway over you!

This 42” x 60” mat includes the game board, setup areas for up to six players, a dedicated Market area and marked spaces for both decks and arena combatants.

Check out the Primus Edition game mat in the online store...

Spartacus – Gold Coin Tokens
Firefly: The Game - “Vera” Edition Game Mat Firefly “Vera” Edition Game Mat

GF9’s “Vera” Edition Game Mat debuted as a show-exclusive special this year Gen Con and was an overwhelming success! 

The biggest, baddest Game Mat the ‘Verse has ever seen. Measuring 48” x 60”, the “Vera” edition Game Mat includes enough space for up to six players, marked spaces for up all the Contact and Supply decks, plus lots of shiny details. 

Check out the "Vera" game mat in the online store...

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