Flames of War


Mike's Throwing a "Sexy" Party

The party is in full swing and its Mike’s turn to be the host. The Party Spinner tells him that he’s throwing a Sexy Party.  Ooh La La!
He discards his hand of Word Cards and draws a Party Card from the deck, it’s a Dirty Joke! 
Mike's Dirty Joke Party Card
He needs to ask his friends Sanaa, Kevin, Reagan and Jamie for a Person, then a Thing, a Place, an Action, and then another Thing and finally a Place.
Almost everyone has a Person in their hands and holds them out, trying to convince Mike to choose their card. Sanaa has “A Young Republican”, Kevin has “An Atheist”, Reagan has two Person cards so she chooses “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Jamie doesn’t have any Person cards in his hand but he feels that in pinch “The Living Room Couch” will do quite nicely. Mike chooses “Leonardo Da Vinci” so Reagan gets to draw two more Word Cards while Sanaa and Kevin draw one.  Since Jamie didn’t offer Mike a Person, he doesn’t get to draw a new card.
Person Cards
Next Mike asks the group for a Thing. Everyone shows him a purple Thing card from their hands except Jamie, who sticks with “The Living Room Couch”. Mike chooses Sanaa’s “Carrot” card. (Everyone is drawing more cards after Mike picks one - but you all got that. Right? Of course, you did, moving on...)
Thing Cards
Now it’s on to a Place. Jamie decides to hold onto his “The Living Room Couch” card for now and offers his “A Slumber Party” card which Mike chooses.
Place Cards
Then Mike asks for an Action. Sanaa has “Cheat” while Reagan has “Wax”; Kevin cleverly offers his “Box” card while Jamie tries to convince Mike to take his “Purple” card. (Something’s not quite right about Jamie…) Mike chooses Reagan’s “Wax” card.
Action Cards
Looking for another Thing, Kevin’s “Iraq Lobster” gets the nod.
More Thing Cards
Finally Mike needs one more Place. Jamie thinks about his beloved “The Living Room Couch” card again, but opts for “The Closet” which Mike chooses to complete his Sexy Party Dirty Joke.
 (I really expected Jamie to play that “The Living Room Couch” card again…)
Now its time to Score! Sanaa goes first and chooses “Brian” since she has two cards showing him and scores 3 Martini Points, Kevin also chooses “Brian” discarding two cards for 2 points, Reagan follows suit, discarding two “Brian” cards for 2 points, while Jamie cashes in his “Peter” cards scoring 4 Martini Points. (I'll bet you thought Jamie was going to do poorly, maybe he outsmarted us both!)
Now Mike reads the Sexy Dirty Joke:
A cop spots Leonardo Da Vinci with a bunch of Carrot(s). He yells, “You can’t have those here, take them to A Slumber Party!” A few hours later, the cop sees them again. Angry, he yells. “I told you to deal with those!” “Yeah, we had a blast! Now we’re going (to) Wax an Iraq Lobster at The Closet.”
Everyone laughs but in the end they don’t think that the Dirty Joke was particularly “Sexy” so Mike doesn’t score any Martini Points this round. The spinner is spun and now its Reagan’s turn to host the Party, what sort of Party will she have to throw? Will Jamie's scoring streaking continue? (I doubt it)

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