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11th August 2023
Star Trek Away Missions


Beaming onto shelves at your FLGS THIS WEEKEND!


Star Trek Away Missions

Star Trek: Away Missions

In Star Trek: Away Missions, players lead their own landing parties to complete missions, conduct espionage, fight in glorious battle, or assimilate distinctiveness.

The objective is to score points by completing missions over the three rounds.

Each completed mission earns you points. Score the most points to win the game!

Each member of your away team is represented by a figure that will move about the board to complete missions with an associated card that describes that character’s strengths, skills, and other important characteristics including which away team they belong to!

Battle of Wolf 359 contains two teams: Riker’s Away Team of the Federation, and Locutus’s Unimatrix of the Borg.

Star Trek Away Missions Game Layout


Beaming down to shelves of your FLGS, favourite online retailers & doorsteps



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Star Trek Away Team box back



GF9 at Adepticon 2023


Whew... GF9 had not 1, not 2, but 3 WHOLE product reveals at this year's Adepticon...

Hextech logo


A new addition to our Battlefield in a Box range of tabletop ready terrain...



Aliens 5x5 expansion box

A BRAND NEW expansion for Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corp, with new models, new content & new gameplay...





Star Trek Away Missions Logo


A BRAND NEW Star Trek game, set in the aftermath of the battle of Wolf 359




6th April 2023


Aliens Header


After a long stint in hypersleep, they're once again going to be "coming out of the goddam walls" and onto your FLGS shelves, June 2023

Available to pre-order from your FLGS, favourite online retailer, or directly from us In English, German, French AND Spanish

Aliens Pre-Order Button

As Hicks says... "It's game time"


Aliens box





Has been reviewed by The Dice Tower, and awarded their coveted "Seal of Approval"


The Dice Tower Seal of Approval 

The game is afoot... AND available for pre-order from your FLGS or direct from us TODAY!

Enola Holmes is on the case... Now, where to begin?

You are the finder of lost souls, and there is a lost soul to be found!

The criminal has left clues, a cyper in the language of the flowers, a secret code employed by Victorians for passing hidden communications, 

scattered across London. If only you can solve the puzzles






Enola Holmes is an all-against-one co-operative game where the detectives travel around London solving puzzles to gain the clues that will fuel their deductions.

Can you deduce the crime before the criminal wins?

Interested in investigating further?


Download the rule book, then order yours from your FLGS, favourite online retailer, or directly from us below!

Enola Holmes Download Rule Book


Buy Enola Holmes NOW


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12th September 2022
Starfinder: Pirates Of Skydock RELEASES 24TH September

You’ve got your crew, know the right folks, and even have a line on a potential financial backer who might grease the right palms to set you on the path to becoming a top-rate pirate.

You’re just missing one thing: a ship.

Lucky for you, you happen to know there’s a top-of-the-line vessel with all the newest tech sitting in dock just waiting for an enterprising individual to take it out among the stars.

Of course, if you know that, others do too, and there can only be one captain.
Will you become the newest pirate to set sail among the stars?

In Pirates of Skydock, players compete to be the one to successfully pull off one of the greatest heists of all time.

Players take turns moving around the ship to complete objectives and gain the support they need to be recognized as the new captain.

Over the course of the game, players build & upgrade their characters to suit their style of play, whilst fighting / avoiding the ever increasing numbers of guards that begin to fill the rooms.

When the ship launches, one of the players will emerge victorious, provided, of course, the ship doesn't go into lockdown first!

Available from your FLGS or direct from us TODAY


22nd July 2022

World of Tanks: Miniatures Game  WAVE VIII

 Hitting shelves at your FLGS or favourite online retailer in a matter of weeks... WAVE VIII the latest releases for World of Tanks: Miniature Game.

Bring on the Artillery!


Wave VIII Tank Fan


Sexton II - British

This wave is the Self Propelled Gun wave, and we kick things off with the Brits! The British Sexton II is an SPG for the commander on a budget. SPGs bring a raft of new mechanics to the game, and the Sexton II is no exception; use Burst HE Shells to cause a massive explosion, stunning all nearby tanks, or load Light HEAT Shells for more damage. Of course, the highlight of SPGs is their ability to fire anywhere at any spotted target, so add Requesting Fire and your British can now receive support anywhere on the table.

Sexton II and Tank Cards

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Hummel - German

If you want your SPGs to play a more damage-dealing role in your platoon, look no further than the German Hummel. This SPG hits hard, packing 7 Firepower to all but ensure you dish out critical hits. All SPGs fire HE rounds, but if you’re not a fan of HE, consider loading Heavy HEAT Shells to remove HE and add Big Gun to guarantee damage is dealt. The new SPG-specific upgrades are available here as well, Burst HE Shell and Requesting Fire, to provide support for your platoon.


Hummel Tank Wave VIII

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M7 Priest - American

The American M7 Priest gives your Americans some long-range fire support. Requesting Fire allows you to draw Line of Sight from any friendly vehicle, allowing your SPGs to hit targets that would otherwise be behind cover. Pair this with your light tanks and keep your SPGs hidden to create a deadly combination! You can also load Burst HE Shells to apply the new Stunned Critical token to all enemy tanks within Close Range and Line of Sight of your target, or load Light HEAT Shells for when damage matters more than critical hits.


American M7 Priest Tank

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SU-76M - Russian

The Soviet SU-76M is an extremely low-cost Tank Destroyer for the budget-conscious commander needing some additional support. It won’t take on the newest, heaviest tanks on it’s own, but alongside a platoon of aggressive tanks you’ll find it very capable of landing crucial blows. We couldn’t skip out an SPG however, so you’ll also find an entire tank card for the Soviet SU-122A in the box. Using the same model, suddenly your little tank-destroyer has a bigger gun, Firepower 7, and is ready to fling shells across the entire battlefield!


Russian SU-76M Tank

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Pre-Order TODAY from your FLGS, directly or from your favourite online retailer!

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