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15th October 2020
Phil Petry
In Memoriam

Last week the Battlefront/GF9 New Zealand team suddenly lost a member of our extended family when Phil Petry passed away unexpectedly of natural causes. Phil’s gaming background goes back decades but most Flames Of War and WWIII: Team Yankee players in NZ knew him for his beautifully painted armies and his warm personality. That’s not to say he couldn’t play hard on the tabletop as he enjoyed a win as much as the next person, but he always played in such a way that everyone could enjoy the game.

He was also an immensely passionate board gamer, helping the GF9 team as a lead play tester for many of the games that grace our shelves (and some yet to come out).

Phil Petry

He had an analytical and insightful view that helped to refine and improve our games and was always keen to get involved and try out some new game mechanic.

His passion for boardgames and generosity extended so far that he even volunteered his gaming group to travel to Gen Con in 2016 to assist the team with the launch of Star Trek Ascendency, where they taught hundreds of players over the course of the weekend, whilst still finding time to squeeze in a little shopping.

Phil’s quiet but proud contribution to our shared hobby will be greatly missed, whether you knew him or not.

~The Battlefront/GF9 New Zealand team 


1st October 2020
GF9 At AwSHUX 2020 Expo!

We are super stoked to announce we are going to be hosting a booth this year at the AwSHUX 2020 Expo! 

This is going to be live from October 16th-18th on an electronic device near you.

For obvious reasons, the Shut Up and Sit Down team are taking their annual convention to the digital realm this year, and presenting a totally free online event for all board game lovers to virtually attend.
It’s a chance to immerse yourself in new games and show some love to your favourites!

Gale Force Nine are Silver Sponsors of the event and are very excited to be exhibiting our hotly anticipated new releases... Including demos for:

Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps
 World Of Tanks: Miniatures Game 

Alongside those we will be making an exclusive reveal announcement about the future of Dune, including a live stream with the game creators.

Click here to find out more


29th September 2020
Aliens, instore December 2020!

We have some GOOD news, and some Great news!

We’ve beaten back the rampaging Xenomorphs that were causing the tech glitches, and Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps, and expansions, Ultmate Badasses, and Get Away From Her You B***h, are now BACK in the shop and available for Pre-order!

The great news? Stock will be in store, and pre-orders will be delivered early December, just in time for CHRISTMAS!!

Click here to Preorder the Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps range here...


24th September 2020
Doctor Who Expansions Available For Order

Click here to order the Doctor Who Expansions 

Click here to order the Doctor Who Expansions

Click here to order the Doctor Who Expansions

Click here to order the Doctor Who Expansions

Click here to order the Doctor Who Expansions Click here to order the Doctor Who Expansions


27th July 2020
New Battlefield In A Box Terrain 

From noxious battlefields in the distant future or post-apocalyptic Earth to the sands of Ancient Egypt, we have some great new Battlefield In A Box Pre-painted Terrain that will look fantastic on your tabletop.

The Toxic and Tar ranges will look great next to the existing range of Gothic Ruins and just amplify the gritty industrial look of your table, whilst the new Forgotten City range (more to come in September) will instantly feel home to Mummies and other monsters of the desert sands.

Click any of the images below to order them in the online store

New Battlefield In A Box Terrain  
New Battlefield In A Box Terrain
New Battlefield In A Box Terrain  New Battlefield In A Box Terrain
New Battlefield In A Box Terrain New Battlefield In A Box Terrain  
New Battlefield In A Box Terrain


5th June 2020
What's In The Box - Ixians and Tleilaxu
Join Andrew as he opens up the new Ixians and Tleilaxu House Expansion.

Dune Expansion 

Ixians and Tleilaxu House Expansion Rulebook Download
Want to check out the new Ixian and Tleilaxu Rulebook now? Click the link!

Download the Rulebook here...