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9 November 2018
Shipping Now: Firefly Expansions, Waterdeep Map and Vault Of Dragons
Firefly Adventures: Respectable Folk Crew Expansion

Firefly Expansions
Firefly expansions are shipping now! The Respectable Folk and Wanted Fugitives expansions each contain four Crew miniatures (in both Casual and Heroic poses), two double-sided Crew cards, ten Equipment cards, two new Jobs, and the box bottom also doubles as a new building.

Brigands and Browncoats Expansion: Book & Inara...
Brigands and Browncoats Expansion: River & Simon..

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Waterdeep Map
Explore Waterdeep with the brand new vinyl 20” x 40” map of the famous Dungeons and Dragons city.

Perfect for planning and playing your adventures through Waterdeep, this map is a durable must-have for any dungeon master or gaming group intending to uncover the secrets of the spectacular “City of Splendors”.

D&D: "Waterdeep" Vinyl Game Mat...

Waterdeep Map

Firefly Adventures: Respectable Folk Crew Expansion

Vault Of Dragons
Rumors of a hidden vault of gold circulate through the streets, taverns, and markets of Waterdeep. In Vault of Dragons, each player chooses one of the four unsavory factions racing to locate the secret of the Vault!

Vault of Dragons, the brand new board game set in the Dungeons and Dragons world is now available on from the online store! 2 – 4 players assume the control of competing disreputable factions in a race to locate the greatest treasure hoard in the Realms.

Sinister criminals, devilish nobles, mercenary drow, and mysterious wizards all compete to be the first to find the Vault of Dragons!

D&D: "Vault of Dragons" Board Game...