Flames of War


Introducing HexTech

Hextech Logo


Gale Force Nine are pleased to announce a new partnership with Thunderhead Studio to bring a new range of terrain to market.  The Hextech range designed by Christopher Wailes will be coming to a tabletop near you! 

Hextech Hero Image


Under the Battlefield In a Box range of full painted Tabletop-ready terrain line, Gale Force Nine will launch the new range in July, with the first 6 products followed by roads, hills and more waves later in the year.

Hextech is an exciting new range of painted terrain. 
Designed for epic sci-fi battlefields, Hextech terrain is the fastest solution to creating a table for your titanic mechs to fight battles over.

There are six buildings in the first wave.  Except for the Justice Tower, Each set will have two buildings in two different paint schemes and comes with an optional flex resin base for use on a hex map. 


Hextech Condo Hextech Corporate Office
Hextech Estate Hextech Justice Tower
Hextech University Hextech University




Keep a close eye on GF9 Social media for more news about the Hextech range coming soon...


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