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Fantasy Turn Counter (GFG010)

Fantasy Turn Counter (GFG010)
Gale Force Nine's nifty turn counter is designed to complement our Fantasy General's Token Set. This durable laser-cut acrylic turn counter is finished with bold full-color graphics. A powerful magnet holds the spinner in place, while allowing easy rotation. 

Also included with the turn counter is a GF9 40mm round magnetic base. Customize your turn counter by mounting a model from your fantasy army or a small diorama on the base and replace the turn dial with the model!

This product is no longer in production.

Fantasy Turn Counter (GFG010)

1 - Magnetic Turn Counter with Turn Dial
1 - 40mm Round Magnetic Base 

Take control of the battlefield with Gale Force Nine’s Gaming Aids. Our accessories and markers are laser cut from colorful, durable plastic. Each piece is pre-assembled and ready to deploy to the tabletop right out of the package. Game ON!