Flames of War


Vampire Token Set (72732)

Dungeons & Dragons Fear of death, obsession with power, or poor luck can lead a character down the path of the bloodthirsty undead. One vampire is usually the spawn of another, but more than one vampire has awakened with no clue as to his or her origin.

As undead creatures, vampires naturally tap into the Shadowfell and its power. A vampire who wishes to be more than a monster fights against the heartless grip of his or her shadowy nature to retain a semblance of mortal values. Such an adventurer uses the sinister traits of his or her new form to fight against the hungry darkness that threatens the world.

The Vampire Token Set for Gale Force Nine’s series of Official DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Heroes of Shadow Token Sets contains many tokens and tiles as well as an invisibility stand-in for your Player Character’s miniature. Each set includes a Character Status Tile. 

Vampire Token Set (72732)
This durable plastic tile is a handy reference for all the variable stats that can change during combat. The tile is designed to work with wet erase markers so you can quickly modify your status as it changes in battle.

The Action Point Tile is a handy reminder for players to make an extraordinary move to turn the tide of combat. The Light Source token can be slipped onto the base of your model when your character holds a torch. The Bloodied token conveniently marks your model when the battle begins to take its toll, while the Dying token reminds your companions that your wizard is grasping onto the last threads of life.
Finally the Mount Token is used to increase the base size of your miniature to a large model when your character is riding a horse or vehicle. This Large size token can also represent your riderless mount on the Battle Grid. The Invisibility Stand-Up replaces your miniature when your character is rendered invisible.

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