Flames of War


Overgrown Ruins - Hobby Project

So you’ve got a freshly painted set of Gothic Ruins or other terrain that may have been lost to the depths of the jungle and the march of time.  In this article, I’ll cover a basic and quick way to add a bit of vegetation and overgrowth to your terrain pieces.  

My first step is to give the piece a few moss-colored washes.  You can wash as little or much as you would like, as it adds to the piece regardless.  I chose to stick to the cracks and lines since I was going to add flock to the walls later.

Overgrown Ruins 01

The trick is to water the paint down enough that you get just a hint of color over the base colors of the terrain piece.

Overgrown Ruins 02   

This is what my paint wash’s consistency looked like on my paint palette.

Overgrown Ruins 03
After you brush on the wash, make sure to let it all dry! 

This is the terrain piece after the washes are dry.  You can see just the hint of green in the cracks and flowing a bit on the surface.

Overgrown Ruins 04

I now want to add a bit of flock (or foliage, or static grass) to my walls.  Use a brush with a nice tip to it; make sure there are no splayed edges.   Dip the brush into a bit of white glue or PVA glue, thinning a bit with some water if it doesn’t want to “flow” over the piece.  Make sure the glue is not too runny though!  

I started to follow some of the lines I painted with the green wash, filling in cracks I crossed and creating an organic-looking line of glue.

Overgrown Ruins 05
After the glue is brushed on in one section (I do this in sections so it doesn’t start to dry on me), pinch or pour some of your flock of choice on the glue sections, making sure to press very slightly to help set it in.  I chose to use Gale Force Nine’s Dark Conifer Flock Blend.

Overgrown Ruins 06

After you complete all the sections, you should have a finished ruin with some climbing overgrowth!  You do not have to stop here either, by adding small pieces of clump foliage to the corners or even small dustings of very fine turf flock towards the bottom you can create a time-lost overgrown effect.  

Overgrown Ruins Finished