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Return to Ravenloft

19 January 2016
Return to Ravenloft

Update! The mists have parted and permitted the first wave of Tarokka Decks to arrive in our US warehouse!  We’ll be shipping these out right away so eager DM’s can foretell the dire fates of their adventuring parties in the Curse of Strahd!   You cannot escape your fate, the cards see all!

Wizards of the Coast have announced Curse of Strahd, a new Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in Castle Ravenloft and the surrounding land of Barovia. Written in collaboration with Tracy and Laura Hickman, the authors of the original Ravenloft adventure published in 1983, Curse of Strahd pits players against the vampire Strahd von Zarovich.

Curse of Strahd logo
Curse of Strahd artwork
 Artwork by Ben Oliver.
Heroes from the Forgotten Realms and other D&D worlds can easily be drawn into Strahd’s cursed land. Once there, they must contend with the horrors of Barovia. Its people are melancholy, misshapen and grotesque, living in fear of the wolves and other creatures that serve Strahd’s evil will. The only hope for the trapped adventurers is to heed the warnings of a mysterious fortune-teller named Madam Eva. Drawing random cards from her tarroka deck, she directs adventurers to search Strahd’s domain for artifacts and allies to help the master of Castle Ravenloft.
Tarroka High Deck

Players will also love to get their hands on a physical tarroka deck of cards produced by Gale Force Nine and available with the release of the adventure. The tarokka deck is a powerful tool for both Madam Eva and for Dungeon Masters running Curse of Strahd. By using the tarokka deck to randomize locations within the adventure, Dungeon Masters can customize each party’s exploration of Barovia, allowing Curse of Strahd to be replayed for years to come.

The Vistani have long been masters of fortune telling. In the hands of a Vistani seer, tarokka cards can tell tales of the future and provide answers to many a dark and mysterious question.

Tarokka Deck (73706)
Includes 54 Tarokka cards, as well as Prophet’s Gambit, a card game for 3-5 players.
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