Flames of War


Wendy Hosts a "Gross" Party

It’s Wendy’s turn to host the party. She spins the Party Spinner to learn that she’s hosting a Gross Party. Disgusting!

Wendy draws a Party Card after discarding her hand of Word Cards, she’s drawn an Eavesdropping card, so she’ll be looking for words to replace a bit of Family Guy dialogue, can she and her friends make it gross?

Wendy's Eavesdropping Party Card

Her friends Scott, Rachael, Dee, Kevin and Seth will need to give her cards to fill in the blanks for a Person, a Description, a Quote, an Action, another Quote and another Description.

First thing’s first, Wendy asks for a Person. Scott looks at his hand of cards; he doesn’t have a Person card so he offers his “Boxing Gloves” card. Rachael doesn’t have any Person cards in her hand either, so she offers her “Pimply” card. Dee offers his “Bill Clinton” card while Kevin picks his “Worf” card and Seth chooses his “Your Mom” card. Wendy can’t pass up that gem and picks “Your Mom” for her Person.
 Person Cards
Now that Wendy has chosen a card, Seth can draw two more Word Cards while the other players may choose to discard the card they showed Wendy and draw a Word Card to replace it. This happens every time the Host chooses a Word Card.
Now Wendy needs a Description. Scott feels compelled to offer “Grotesque”. Rachael chooses her “Pimply” card again. Dee has a “Conservative” card and Kevin has “Desperate”. Seth doesn’t have any Description cards so he chooses “Beaver”. Wendy thinks Dee’s card will work best on her Party Card.
Description Cards
Its time for a Family Guy Quote! Scott has a Meg quote “I like him! He remembers my name”. Rachel has a Stewie quote. Dee has a Lois quote. Kevin has a Brian quote “Swing and a Miss” while Seth has a Peter quote “Who was that guy?” Wendy likes Dee’s card “The safe word is ‘banana’”. It’s just absurd enough to work on her Party Card.
Quote Cards
Next Wendy is looking for an action. Scott knows that “Ogle” is a good one, while Rachael picks her “Date” card. Dee picks “Cross-Dress”, Kevin has “Poop” and Seth, lacking any Action cards, falls back on his “Beaver” card. It’s hard for Wendy to pass up “Poop”, but she chooses Scott’s “Ogle” card.
Action Cards
Now its time to follow up with another quote, this time Wendy chooses Rachel’s Stewie Quote.
 More Quote Cards
Finally Wendy needs another Description, Scott offer “Grotesque” again, while Rachel offers “Fancy”. Dee has “Foul” as a Description card and Kevin offers “Desperate” again. Seth sticks with his “Beaver” card. Wendy thinks Dee’s “Foul” fits the end of her Party Card perfectly.
More Description Cards
Now the players score, matching Family Guy characters on their cards and discarding them to score Martini Points. Then each player, including Wendy, draw their hand back up to six cards. Now its time for Wendy to read her Party Card, will her friends think that’s its gross enough to score points?

“Brian, teach me to be Your Mom.”

“Start with conservative conversation. For example, ‘It’s a pleasure to see you again. The safe word is ‘banana’. Now you try.”

“It’s a pleasure to ogle you again. Boy, clothes sure are a prison aren’t they? How’s that?”

“Wow. Foul. My work is done.”

Chosen Party Cards
Everyone laughs and thinks Wendy’s Eavesdropping was just creepy enough to be gross, so she scores three Martini Points! Wendy puts the Party Spinner in the middle of the table and gives it a whirl; Kevin will be hosting the next party!