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Battlefield in a Box - Galactic Warzones

Battlefield in a Box
Galactic Warzones is a new series of Battlefield in a Box terrain for Sci-Fi tabletop battles. No matter if your battles take place on nearby worlds in the near future or a long time ago in far away galaxies, these terrain pieces will turn your tabletops into battlefields worth fighting over. Look for new terrain sets from GF9 all summer long, as our tour of intergalactic venues takes us from harsh desert colonies to fortified industrial installations.
On the unforgiving sands of desert worlds, settlers construct buildings from local materials that maintain a cool interior temperature in the blistering heat and radiate comfortable warmth during the cold nights. These durable structures can last for generations and are often the sites of pitched battles between settlers and raiders determined to control of these desert homesteads.
Our first wave of Galactic Warzones terrain allows you to create these desert settlements on your own table with three releases. The Desert Tower is a two- part structure that can function as a lone lookout tower or the hub of a wastelands village. Desert Buildings contains two domed hovels, a small domed building and a larger quad-building that hints at a larger underground structure. Protecting these buildings from devastating sandstorms or attacking armies are the Desert Walls, a multi-piece kit with straight and curved walls, wall endcaps, and an arched gateway.
Desert Tower Desert Tower
Galactic Warzones - Desert Tower
Desert Buildings Desert Buildings
Galactic Warzones - Desert Buildings
Desert Walls Desert Walls
Galactic Warzones - Desert Walls
The second wave of releases provides your sci-fi enviroments with powerful technology to ensure your forces survival. The massive Power Generator harnesses alien energies to power your encampments, drive your industries, or charge durable planetary shields. Each Generator set comes with a Coupling so you can connect multiple Generators together to create a large installation. Defense Turrets are the perfect emplacements to protect your territories with two powerful cannons. Finally, Objectives (not pictured) accents your battlefield with three tech objects for your forces to defend or claim; a security desk, a holographic projector, and a command table.
Defense Turrets Defense Turrets
Galactic Warzones - Defense Turrets
Power Generator Power Generator
Multiple Power Generators joined by Couplers
Galactic Warzones - Power Generator

The third wave of Galactic Warzones releases will included a fortified Bunker to shelter your troops from enemy fire and a set of Storage Crates to provide cover for your soldiers while transporting valuable cargo or smuggled goods.
Battlefield in a Box terrain looks great on GF9’s new Grassland / Desert Double-Sided Neoprene Gaming Mat. This 6’ x 4’ playing surface pictures a green grass surface on side and sandy desert surface on the other. This beautiful game mat is available now in stores and from the GF9 Online Store.
Gaming Mat with Galactic Warzones Terrain
Grassland / Desert Double-Sided Neoprene Gaming Mat
Look for these and other Battlefield in a Box - Galactic Warzones terrain sets when they arrive in your galaxy.