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World of Tanks: Miniatures Game Wave IV

12th  March 2021

World of Tanks: Miniatures Game Wave IV

In stores & online July 2021

In stores next month is the fourth wave of World of Tanks: Miniatures Game expansion releases and they are taking no prisoners! Two Heavy Tanks join the ranks; the pride of the Soviet army, the IS-2 and the German tank that scared every allied tanker, the Tiger I. We also have a pair of mediums that are so big they should be heavies, the US M26 Pershing and UK Comet!


For more information or to Pre-Order click on the tank.


Tiger I










M26 Pershing



Wave IV brings some of the big guns we know you have been waiting for so start thinking about how you can improve your platoon with these fantastic new tanks!


Wave 4 is available to pre-order now… In Stores July 2021





20th MAY 2021
Pre-order your Deluxe Dune Game Mat TODAY!


 You've probably heard the whispers on the board game corners of the internet, we're looking at you boardgamegeek... So like the Bene Gesserit, you knew this was coming...

People are starting to come together again, over gaming tables around the world.
Conquer Arrakis with this deluxe collectors game mat for Dune: A Game of Conquest, Diplomacy & Betrayal

 Dune Game Mat

Scaled up 135% for maximum visibility, the Dune Game mat is accompanied by Sandworm, Storm & Family Atomics special edition miniatures

The Sandworm, Storm and Family Atomics Miniatures



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Latest News and Announcements

 7th May 2021

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and treachery



The power you seek can be found on the Arena sands, and at your FLGS because Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery has arrived!

Fight for dominance through a combination of political schemes and glorious battles. As Dominus, you have a variety of resources at your disposal. Guards to protect you from schemes launched by your rivals and slaves to run your household. Your Gladiators compete to bring glory to themselves and influence to their Dominus.



It is time to rise up and claim what is rightfully yours when you play as 1 of 4 mighty houses in ancient Rome. Use your cunning and significant resources to gain influence, and watch how your fortunes change.

Take your first steps towards becoming a Dominus of a great house & buy your copy now 


28th April 2021
We had a great weekend at AwSHUX! 


There were awesome prizes, there were exciting previews, and there were demos that left us wishing board games magically appeared on our tables.

Until then if you love traveling through time and space then Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks has regenerated and is back looking better than ever. In fact, in 900 years of time and space, I have never seen a board game quite this fun!




 Along with the original contents the core game now includes the Thirteenth Doctor miniature, new companions, Dilemmas, and more... So do as the Doctor does, acquire some companions, pick up your trusty sonic screwdriver, and while you're waiting for the game to arrive turbo boost your TARDIS because the race to Gallifrey is on! 

Pre-order your copy of Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks today 




We hope you caught our live stream with Shut Up & Sit Down demoing our BRAND NEW edition of Tyrants of the Underdark. In this competitive board game, you will lead a Drow house and build the best deck to establish supremacy over the Underdark.


Use the power and resources at your disposal to earn victory points through multiples of strategies. Infiltrate enemy camps as a spymaster, or assassinate enemy troops as a deadly war leader. 

However you choose to play, the player who controls most of the Underdark at the end of the game wins! 

Pre-order your copy of Tyrants of the Underdark today and start plotting your strategy to take over!