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15 February 2019
Events Coordinator Wanted

Have you got the skills, talent and organisational ability to plan, organize and coordinate fifty things at once? We need someone that can work with the team in our US office that can be responsible for all aspects of planning and organisation of the shows the GF9 and Battlefront team attend. From ensuring that necessary stock is available, to organising travel and accommodation to developing tournament kits.

If you are ready to attend shows all over the USA and Canada check out the full job description by clicking on the image to the right or click the link below

Events Coordinator Job Description...

to apply, contact [email protected]

Events Coordinator Job Description


21st December 2018
GF9 Christmas Greeting and 2019 Teaser

John-Paul spreads some Christmas cheer as he takes a look back at some of the great releases of 2018, as well as teasing some of the exciting new releases you can expect to see from Battlefront and GF9 next year.

Find out about our boardgame plans for Doctor Who, Star Trek Ascendancy, Aliens, Dune, Firefly and of course what is happening with Dungeons and Dragons.


21st December 2018
Let's Play: TANKS! The Modern Age

Let's Play: TANKS! The Modern Age

Let's Play: TANKS! The Modern Age
If you want to learn how to play Tanks!: The Modern Age, Beasts Of War take us through how movement, shooting, and turn sequences play out in the game. Then it's time to get down to action as John and Freddy duke it out for the final three rounds of their game, with John's reputation as a tank commander hanging in the balance.

Check out the full range up for order here...


21st December 2018
Gale Force Nine Add Four More Language Territories For Dungeons & Dragons
Gale Force Nine

It is with great pleasure that we announce that four new countries around the globe will be seeing Dungeons & Dragons come out in their local language next year.

All of these partners are already busy at work and plan to start the release of product in the second quarter of 2019. They will be following the same release plan as other markets and have the Starter Set, Players Handbook, Monster Manual & Dungeon Masters Guide as well as the core spell cards and screen out as their first wave of products.

More information will be posted on their local sites in the months to come about specific release dates but it will be great to see the Dungeons & Dragons hobby expanding. Below are our new partners, check out the link below for more information on them.

Click here to learn more about our partners...


Galapagos Jogos

Hobby World


Country: Poland
Country: Brazil Country: Russia Country: Korea


21st December 2018
Firefly Adventures Expansion Unboxings

John-Paul dives into the two new expansions: The Respectable Folk set includes companion Inara Serra and preacher Shepherd Book while the Wanted Fugitives set includes physician Simon Tam and the gifted River Tam. Each potential new Crew Member adds new skills and abilities to your adventures.

Each Crew Expansion comes with four Crew miniatures (in both Casual and Heroic poses), two double-sided Crew cards, ten Equipment cards, two new Jobs and the box bottom also doubles as a new building.


21st December 2018
D&D Vault of Dragons Boardgame Unboxing

John-Paul dives into the Vault of Dragons and unboxes this new D&D game from GF9.

Rumors of a hidden vault of gold circulate through the streets, taverns, and markets of Waterdeep. In Vault of Dragons™, each player chooses one of the four unsavory factions racing to locate the secret of the Vault!

Vault of Dragons is a new boardgame from Gale Force Nine set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons™. 2 – 4 players assume the control of competing disreputable factions in a race to locate the greatest treasure hoard in the Realms.