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2nd July 2020
Pre-order Aliens Online Now!

A great deal for those of you that want to hit the ground running and pre-order the full Aliens experience. Just order these three products;

  • Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps, which includes Ripley, Newt and a fire team of Colonial Marines, set to battle the deadly Xenomorphs at Hadley's Hope.
  • Aliens: Ultimate Badasses Expansion, which expands your force of Marines and adds Burke, the ultimate company man!
  • Aliens: Get Away From Her, You B***h! Expansion, which expands the campaign in the basic game by adding new paths and threads, as well as adding the Alien Queen and Ripley in P-5000 Power Loader.

and we will throw in a FREE 3D GAMING SET, which includes Facehuggers, Eggs, Computer Terminals, Crates and of course Sentry Guns, and FREE SHIPPING.

Aliens Experience
Your local store will get the same deal. That's right, we will be giving the same freebies to your local store so you can make your order there.
Contact your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) today, or head over to the Online Store because as Hicks says "It's game time."


1st July 2020
Pre-orders Open For World of Tanks...

Gale Force Nine and Wargaming.net are joining forces to bring their award winning online gaming experience to the tabletop. Field a platoon of tanks, customize them by adding Modules, Crew and Equipment, then go head-to-head verses your friends.

Released in Wave 1 are the Starter Set, which includes four pre-painted plastic Tanks, and four individual blistered Tanks, giving you eight different models to start playing with.

To find out more information, including the range of Tanks being released in Wave 1, click here...

World of Tanks Miniatures Game

World of Tanks Miniatures Game


27th June 2020
Aliens, instore October 2020!

We at Gale Force Nine have been waiting a long time to give you this information, and we are now proud to say that the complete Aliens Boardgame experience will all be released this year, 2020, starting with the core game in October.

Aliens: Another Glorious Day In The Corps
- Play iconic characters
- Recreate awesome scenes from the movie
- Quick and easy rules
- Dynamic co-op gameplay
- And all the Aliens you can kill!

Two expansions will follow later this year, adding to the experience with new characters, missions, and game mechanics.

Aliens: Ultimate Badasses
- Increase your Fireteam with six new Characters
- Gain Experience cards to give your Characters new abilities.

Aliens: Get Away From Her, You B***h!
- Play as the Alien Hive
- New campaign missions and locations from the movie
- Recreate the epic duel between Ripley and the Alien Queen

We'll be rolling out more details about these releases in the coming months, including video content looking at game mechanics, and detailed looks at the miniatures.


17th June 2020
Dune Expansion, Ixians & Tleilaxu Arrives In The UK Warehouse

Exciting stuff as the Dune expansion, Ixians & Tleilaxu arrives in the UK warehouse! We’re looking forward to getting it to Dune players everywhere.

Dune Expansion, Ixians & Tleilaxu Arrives In The UK Warehouse

Dune Expansion, Ixians & Tleilaxu Arrives In The UK Warehouse
Dune Expansion, Ixians & Tleilaxu Arrives In The UK Warehouse

Order Your Copy here...



5th June 2020
What's In The Box - Ixians and Tleilaxu
Join Andrew as he opens up the new Ixians and Tleilaxu House Expansion.

Dune Expansion 

Ixians and Tleilaxu House Expansion Rulebook Download
Want to check out the new Ixian and Tleilaxu Rulebook now? Click the link!

Download the Rulebook here...


7th May 2020
Meet The Team Behind Dune On Twitch
Join the designers behind one of the most iconic board games of all time, Dune, in our first ever Live Stream.

Dune Expansion 

Tleilaxu House Expansion Rulebook Download
Prepare for the Live Stream on Twitch by downloading the new Ixians and Tleilaxu House Expansion Rulebook. This expansion will be on store shelves soon, but you can take the opportunity now to quiz the designers about how it works this week on our Live Stream.

Download the Rulebook here...