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20th October 2022
Enola Homes: Finder of Lost Souls is on pre-sale TODAY



Hitting stores in November, just in time for family fun at Christmas


The game is afoot... AND available for pre-order from your FLGS or direct from us TODAY!

Enola Holmes is on the case... Now, where to begin?

You are the finder of lost souls, and there is a lost soul to be found!

The criminal has left clues, a cyper in the language of the flowers, a secret code employed by Victorians for passing hidden communications, 

scattered across London. If only you can solve the puzzles




Enola Holmes is an all-against-one co-operative game where the detectives travel around London solving puzzles to gain the clues that will fuel their deductions.

Can you deduce the crime before the criminal wins?

Interested in investigating further?


Download the rule book, then pre-order below

Enola Holmes Download Rule Book


Enola Holmes Pre-Order Button



Coming to a Friendly Local Gaming Store near you November 2022

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