Flames of War


Frozen Fountain - Hobby Project

I wanted to turn our existing Ruined Fountain into a wintery terrain piece.

Frozen Fountain - Gothic Ruined Fountain

First I needed to create some contrast between the snow and the grey color of the ground and walls.  I watered down a nice medium-dark brown to create a wash to brush over the ground areas.
Frozen Fountain - Watered Down Medium / Dark Brown Paint

As you can see it’s tinting the ground grit, without painting completely over it.
Frozen Fountain - Painting the Grit Texture

The Ruined Fountain after the brown wash is applied.
Frozen Fountain - Muddy Grit

Next I needed to mix up some snow.  I used our snow flock (GFS027 Snow) and white glue to create a paste of sorts.
Frozen Fountain - A Wintery Mix

You want to be able to still brush it on, and not have it be runny.  In fact you can add more snow flock to if you would like it to be a bit heavier.  It will settle a bit and look more liquid once it’s on the piece.
Frozen Fountain - Applying the Snow Mix

Then sprinkle some more snow flock on the areas you’ve just brushed on.
Frozen Fountain - Let it Snow!

For the “ice” effect on the fountain’s water area I just brushed a thin layer of white glue and sprinkled some snow flock on top.
Frozen Fountain - Frozen

Something to keep in mind is white glue pretty much dries translucent. The more flock you can add and still work it onto the terrain piece, the better snow effect you will get.  You could even add some white paint, just mix it in thoroughly.  Experiment with different looks, both icy and snowy, and see which works best for you!
Frozen Fountain

With these basic modeling techniques, you can create an entire tabletop battlefield of winter terrain.

Frozen Fountain - Winter is Coming