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Gale Force Nine Add Four More Language Territories For Dungeons & Dragons

It is with great pleasure that we announce that four new countries around the globe will be seeing Dungeons & Dragons come out in their local language next year.

All of these partners are already busy at work and plan to start the release of product in the second quarter of 2019. They will be following the same release plan as other markets and have the Starter Set, Players Handbook, Monster Manual & Dungeon Masters Guide as well as the core spell cards and screen out as their first wave of products.

More information will be posted on their local sites in the months to come about specific release dates but it will be great to see the Dungeons & Dragons hobby expanding.


Country: Poland
Company Name: Rebel
Website: https://www.wydawnictworebel.pl/pages/dungeons-dragons-174-edycja-polska-1189.html
Summary: Rebel have been a part of the gaming industry since 2003. With a background in online board game sales in Poland. Rebel is now a publisher, having Polish editions of major games in its portfolio and at the same time developing and creating their own games.

Rebel Rebel Rebel Rebel

Country: Brazil
Company Name: Galapagos Jogos
Website: https://galapagosjogos.com.br/produtos/dnd  
Summary: Established in 2009, Galápagos Jogos is one of the leading table top game companies in Brazil. It deals with distribution, sales and publishing, and is regarded as one of the pioneers in introducing the modern board game sector in the country.

Galapagos Jogos

Galapagos Jogos Galapagos Jogos Galapagos Jogos

Hobby World

Country: Russia
Company Name: Hobby World
Website: http://international.hobbyworld.ru/ 
Summary: Hobby World has published Russian and foreign board games since 2001. Hobby World is the leading Russian board game publishing, based in Moscow, and has branches in Kiev, Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus, with board game shops all over these countries.

Hobby World Hobby World Hobby World

Country: Korea
Company Name: TRPG Club
Website: http://www.trpgclub.com/ 
Summary: TRPG has a strong history of localising RPGs and bringing them to the Korean market, with many years experience.