Flames of War


GF9 At Gen Con 2022

28th July 2022
GF9 Are excited to be at booth 621 Gen Con 2022


Gen Con 2022 is taking place from 4th - 7th August and we look forward to once again meeting you in person,talking and playing board games.

You may even get a chance to demo a couple of the titles with their creator, and leave with one of our new game titles / expansions over a MONTH before release.

These are EXTREMELY LIMITED, only a couple of hundred copies per title...

Arrakis: Dawn of The Fremen, Star Trek Ascendancy Dominion War and Breen Confederacy, Firefly Misbehavin' & Starfinder: Pirates of Skydock

Arrakis Box Cover  Dominion War  Breen Confederacy

Firefly Misbehavin' Box  Pirates of Skydock

We will also have all our recent releases, such as Wise Guys, Pathfinders: Level 20 and Dr Who: Don't Blink as well as some old favourites on the stand.

Drop by booth 621, stay, say 'hi', have a game, you never know who you may be playing with...

Gencon 2022 stand location


If you don't manage to scoop one of the limited pre-release copies, never fear, you can still pre-order from the stand, and your game will be sent out on release.